The victory is won, but the battles still rage.

My wife and I watched a movie a couple years ago.  It was during the immediate aftermath of the civil war.  Two men were the protagonists.  One had fought for the Confederate Army, the other for the Union.  The war had been over for a few months and the one man was living on his farm with his family enjoying life.  The other man still had a company of soldiers with him who did not want to believe that the war was over.  They came along to the first man’s farm, captured him, and burned his farmhouse down with his wife and kids still inside.  They ended up letting the man go and the bulk of the movie is him tracking the man responsible for the burning of his house and more importantly his family.  The civil war was over, but the battles still raged.

That movie was about the Civil War and the aftermath.  That was Hollywood.  Real life is much the same.  The victory is won, that is the victory for the souls of men and women.  The battles, however, still rage.  Quite the interesting reality.  Jesus won the victory by freely offering Himself as our substitute, our sinbearer.  Sin was broken, death was defeated, and reconciliation with the Father was made possible once for all by the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.  This begs the question:  why is life so stinkin’ hard?  Why is there so much garbage in the world?  Why is there so much suffering?  Why is there so much evil?  If Jesus procured the victory, why does it look like so much of life is falling apart?  That question will be addressed next time.


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