homeless care packages

Yo people,

Since I’m recovering from a nasty stomach bug today I decided to do a nice honey – do kinda thing and clean out our vanity drawers.  Guess what I found?  A picture is worth a thousand words.  There must be at least a dozen or more partial homeless care packages in our house alone!  Most of the stuff in the pic are freebies from the dentist or hotels.  $3 homeless care packages?  Try a dollar maybe!  Do one per week per household all across America.  Don’t wait for permission.  It’s already been granted.  Get busy.

FYI – You’re not limited to one per week.  If you live in a larger city with a larger homeless population, how about one per household per day? I live in the Poconos in Northeast PA and one per household per day is overkill.  One per week works in our context with the homeless to gross population ratio.  In NYC, Philly, Chicago, LA, Houston, Denver, Seattle, Miami, St. Louis, Phoenix, San Diego, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Nashville, Honolulu, Anchorage – one per household per day certainly fits your contexts much more closely.


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