Muddy The Waters

via Daily Prompt: Opaque

He owns a lumber company/home improvement center.  He is well respected in the community.  He is a former state representative.  He is opaque (much of the time anyway).

He is a pastor of a church.  For years he has faithfully served his congregation.  For years he has worn his heart on his sleeve.  For years he has all too often opened his mouth and inserted his foot prior to engaging his brain.  He is NOT opaque.

We back packed out of Convict Lake high up the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mts. in CA.  Although an experienced backpacker, this was a tough 6-7 mile hike – steep, rugged, unforgiving.  An older friend encouraged me, “One step at a time, one foot in front of the other.”  Good, helpful, non-opaque advice.

My neighbor passed away about two months ago.  Where is she now?  Is she in heaven?  Is she in hell?  Is she in purgatory?  Has she entered into soul sleep?  Has she been reincarnated?  Is she suffering torment for all eternity?  Is she basking in the light of her Lord and Savior?


Death and the afterlife (afterdeath) – you can’t get any more opaque.


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