Trust . . . in Whom?

“but those who trust in the LORD will renew their strength; they will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not faint” (Isaiah 40:31 HCSB).

In whom do you trust?  If you are heartland, grass-roots, typical American, you would probably answer:  “God.”  You could be conservative, liberal, black, hispanic, male, female – the answer would still probably be the same.  Most of us though, even though we would answer “God”, prove by our actions that ultimately it is NOT in God that we trust.

Some of us trust in the system.  Oh we might rail against the liberals or cry about Trump, but in the end, it is correct politics that will save our country.  Yeah right.  Politics and politicians did not create us, therefore politics and politicians cannot save us.  Don’t put your trust in the system.

Some of us trust in our families.  If we just raise our kids right, spend meaningful time with our spouse, get together with extended family over holidays and vacations, then life will work out just fine.  Yeah right.  Families are given to us to be an expression of relationships done right, our first line of defense in this world against loneliness, despair, and hopelessness.  But as too many people can attest, families break apart all too often.  If your trust is rooted in your family instead of the Creator of your family, when your family goes south, your world can easily collapse.  Don’t put your trust in your family.

Some people trust in their work.  My job is great, it’s meaningful, I make an excellent income, I’m making a difference in my world, it’s all good . . . until your job moves to China and you’re given three month’s severance after 30 years with the firm and your 60 years old.  All of a sudden, your perfect work world is torn asunder and therefore your world is in crisis.  It happens all the time.  Don’t put your trust in your work.

Some put their trust in their intellect.  I can write the best novels; I do great research and teach at Stanford; I can argue cases and defend the rights of my clients before any court; I lead my district well and with brilliance as state representative; I am a trauma surgeon and can handle any emergency surgery.  Then the seizures start, followed by mini-strokes, followed by a massive stroke that almost kills you but doesn’t, leaving you trapped inside your own mind unable to communicate to the world outside, but still “alive.”  It happens every day somewhere.  Don’t put your trust in your intellect.

There are any number of things in which we can choose to put our trust.  Why not choose to put our trust in the only One to whom our trust is due, the only One in whom trust makes sense, the only One who is capable of rewarding and validating that trust?  Why don’t we go ahead and choose to place our trust in God?


Trust God



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