Northeast PA

Bio: I grew up in Southern California in the beautiful town of Escondido which is Spanish for Hidden. It indeed is the Hidden Valley with hills surrounding it. Beautiful place to grow up. My parents and sister, bro-in-law and family, still live in San Diego County. I graduated from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago with a BA in Bible/Theology with a Greek emphasis. Dr. Ron Sauer was my Greek professor. What an animal when it came to studying and applying the Scripture from the original languages - four hours a day, from 2:30 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. every morning before teaching a full slate of classes at Moody. What a nut right? Nope - a diligent, hard-working man of God. I graduated from Bethel Seminary of the East with an M.Div. in 1999. I learned from some of the best and brightest that Christian academia has to offer, e.g. Dick Kantzer, Alice Mathews, Sid Buzzel, John Worgul, Brad Mellon, Wayne Hansen, George Renner, Wyndy Corbin, and probably somebody(s) I forgot! The theological training was excellent and the spiritual formation component was life changing. My time at BSOE definitely propelled me forward in my walk with the Lord. Foreign missions was our next step. However, soon after graduation my son was diagnosed with autism. That really rocked our world. Missions was out indefinitely while we cried and prayed and clung tenaciously to our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Our church at the time, FBC of East Stroudsburg, PA, wrapped us in their collective arms and loved us through the next 15 years. Two females, one a mother of two and one a teenager when she started, were particularly instrumental in lovingly and aggressively helping us with our son through so many ways I cannot detail here. I have worked in the construction/trades/service sector for over 30 years. My primary trade is electrical - residential, commercial, industrial. I am a certified Generac generator installer/service tech; I am an EPA Clean Air Section 608 universal certified HVAC technician; I am a certified TracPipe/CounterStrike gas pipe installer; I have been trained by Mitsubishi in the installation and servicing of Mitsubishi mini-splits. I also love to do custom landscape creations with rocks, old railroad ties, and ponds/waterfalls with custom landscape lighting. I love to transform old basements and attics into creative work/play/living spaces. It is so much fun to transform ugly space into functional, usable, and aesthetically pleasing space. I want to get more into custom trailer creations and renewable energy installs. I have installed solar but not wind turbines or micro-hydroelectric but I am going to ASAP. I am staunchly conservative but it is a no-brainer to aggressively pursue electrical generation via solar, wind, water, geo-thermal, seismic energy capture and harnessing, tidal surge power capture and harnessing, volcanic energy capture and harnessing, etc. God made the energy; why not make every effort to use it?

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